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Daniel Delfin

“Whether in music or fine arts, it is the stories that intrigue me the most.”


If a tattoo can tell your story then I feel I have accomplished what we’ve set out to create. 


In 2008, I attended my first tattoo convention as a collector slowly building my network of artists and aficionados in the field.  I fell in love with the community, artistry, and the level of commitment to furthering one’s craft. It was thrilling to be apart of the competitions and work closely with artists as they demonstrated their expertise in living exhibitions. In 2012, inspired by this art form,  I decided to pursue tattoo art as a career and began my apprenticeship that year. I have been working as a licensed artist for over 5 years. 


I would describe my style as a cross between realism and neo traditional with a focus on animal life and floral design. My process starts with listening and working with the client to gain insight into their vision.  I’m on the quiet side, but always capturing details of what is said and unsaid. I take all of this into my work. Crafting stories that are visually eye-catching and metaphoric is what I am most proud of.


A few of my hobbies that help me in my art making are One Wheeling, charcoal drawing, video production and spending time outdoors. I live in the country so anytime I can ride and soak in nature, the more enriched and energized I feel. I bring all of this to my tattoo work. 

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